We are proud to inform the airsoft communities, Viper's hibernation is over, we will be seen again in the battlefield. ATRU will play again as a team of united family, see you again, we are looking forward to exchange bb's with you.
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king cobra

king cobra

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PostSubject: MINUTES OF THE MEETING (MARCH 13,2009)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:45 am

RE : ATRU Reborn Minutes of Meeting
Date : 13 March 2009

The meeting started at around 18:25 hours at Sticks residence in Mirador Hiils, Dominican, Baguio City. Attended by the following members:

1. Pres. Noel Baradi
2. Alain Aragon
3. Joseph Torres
4. Donn Bisala
5. Vicente Co
6. Marvic Vergara
7. Hector Gempis
8. Ritchie Vergara
9. Brian Mamaril
10. Carlos Gases
11. GB
12. Dennis

As appointed, the meeting was presided by Stick. It was agreed to start the meeting by simply asking each member on their feelings for the present situation of Our Team, Our Unit, Our Family. Below were the brief comments:

Zarj : Discussed that even though the team rarely meet and play recently, he is still convinced that the team is still one.

Smoke : Emphasized that we need not forget that airsoft is just a hobby and we have our family
to prioritize. He also stressed that one good sign why we can say ATRU is still in
fame is because a lot of groups are still look for us.

Havoc : Delivered the question that - Does ATRU still a team? He also said that never will he
give-up ATRU in spite of all that is happening.

Alain : Alain expressed that he love the team.

Rithchie: Of being envy every time he sees other team on a tournament and expressed the
desire for the team to also participate in one. He as a student also agrees on the
prioritization of activities (family /studies/ hobby). He also suggested that for the team
to generate funds, the monthly dues should be implemented again. And also to
have at least a once a month mandatory game.

GB : Suggested that there is no need to career the game as of the moment. He
also recommended to re-establish the group.

Dennis : Feel sorry for not showing/playing for so many months. He also stated that ATRU for
him is not just a name.

Don : Said that the reason for his dedication for the team right now is because of having a lot
of time to spare as the moment.

Joseph : Understands that the members are just busy. He expressed his disappointment and
sometimes lacks inspiration because only few members are playing recently. (Team
noted and greeted him a happy Birthday come March 19). Also suggested to play at
least once a month.

Following were the agendas taken-up in the basis of each and every ones feeling.

1. Proposal to change the name of the team.
Result: The team agreed thru votes that ATRU would remain to be the name of our team.

2. Proposal on the Buddy System of organizing the monthly mandatory game.
Result: The team agreed thru votes that our monthly mandatory game would be organized thru
A Buddy System with the following mechanics:

a. Buddy is comprised of two legitimate ATRU members.
b. Each member is given the opportunity to choose his own buddy.
c. Buddy for the month would be responsible on the following logistics: (with consideration on the interest and safety of the team)
- Game (Date, Time, & Site)
- Game fee (including collection)
- Game flow (scenarios)
- Foods
d. Any collection by the buddy would be audited by the treasurer.
e. Excess from the collection would be considered as proceeds for the team and would be given to the treasurer as additional fund of ATRU.
f. However, any shortage of fund would solely be shouldered by the buddy.

3. Draw lots on the month assignment.
Buddy Month
1. Stick & Alex - April
2. Zarj & Don - May
3. Hector & Dennis - June
4. Bryan & Joseph - July
5. GB & Richie - August
6. Havoc & Allain - September

4. Presidents Appointment .
- Carlos”Jojo” P. Gases, Jr. (STICK) was officially appointed as treasurer.
- Bryan & Joseph were officially appointed as administrator of our website.
- Ritchie Vergara (STEEL) was officially appointed as team’s gunsmith.

5. Communication.
Result: The team agreed that all member would have a Sun Cellular Sim Pack.
The team agreed to insert Sun Sim every thursday (wholeday) in their cellphone unit.

The meeting was adjourned at exactly 21:22 hours.

We are calling on our inactive brothers on Our Team, Our Unit, Our Family to reaffirm their commitment as a member of ATRU. Upon receipt of this memo may we require you to submit an explanation letter why we should still consider you as a member. You have one week to reply via email or visit in our forum and log-in in retinal scan thread.

Your compliance would greatly help us in establishing our actual count.

Thank You and more BBs to come your way.

Cc: Zarj
Death Note
Wild Striker
Blue Devil

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PostSubject: Re: MINUTES OF THE MEETING (MARCH 13,2009)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:46 am

noted sir
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PostSubject: Re: MINUTES OF THE MEETING (MARCH 13,2009)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:11 am

viper's i know were all busy right now but having just once a month game with complete members will inspire ol looking 4ward for this..sana ndi lng to ningas kugon..db ang sarap mglaro pg kumpleto ang team..ndi m kc msa2bing team kpag kulang...

please login s forum ntin give comments and suggestions..we will appreciate it..


zarj and brian...

ill be out 4 a couple of day's.. vacation kc s baba..
pinutol n dn kc net nmn s
peo ill log in at our forum as far as is can.
kau po muna bhala....
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king cobra

king cobra

Number of posts : 57
Registration date : 2009-03-16

PostSubject: Re: MINUTES OF THE MEETING (MARCH 13,2009)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:41 am

affirmative roger 10-4
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PostSubject: Re: MINUTES OF THE MEETING (MARCH 13,2009)   

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