We are proud to inform the airsoft communities, Viper's hibernation is over, we will be seen again in the battlefield. ATRU will play again as a team of united family, see you again, we are looking forward to exchange bb's with you.
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 a.t.r.u. Historical Background

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PostSubject: a.t.r.u. Historical Background   Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:33 pm

The Team known as AIRSOFT TACTICAL RECON UNIT Baguio City is composed of individuals from different fields. Businessmen, professionals, students, and the like.established in February 27, 2006, A.T.R.U. aims to take the game of airsoft and all military simulations and related activities to a higher level.

Team ATRU the only known council team in airsoft in Baguio City or perhaps the whole Northern Luzon.

Our Vision as a team is to be one unit, one family.

Our Mission is to enjoy our hobby of playing airsoft, to be known not as a competitive team but as a friendly team who believes in the integrity of individual players and honesty of the game.
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PostSubject: ATRU HISTORY   Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:09 pm

In the beginning the AIRSOFT TACTICAL RECON UNIT was composed of a small group of airsoft enthusiast whose able to get their first aeg in maharlika, compose of working and students who wanted to have a weekend past time. The first game of the team was in the South drive area (now a bird sanctuary), little by little more people are aware of the group existence and starting to accommodate more players in the group, as the days goes by the group became bigger and play in the sunny hill mountain were we called it the amazon, since then we are known the players in the amazon and became amazon boys. A few more months the original member plus the newer decided to make the group as AIRSOFT TACTICAL RECON UNIT. The second team of airsofter in Baguio City, The teams core member is still with the unit, some members decide to leave the team and join the other team, some due to job relocation and some became inactive but some became active again.

early pix in amazon

early pics of atru w/ BAC, TIXIN in DENR

training day in amazon (marksmanship/bounding)

CQB game in wangal, L.T. w/ BAC

team SOE's visit w/ stormtrooper n mam scorpy

some pics in cold dagger (dec.01'06)

mam baygon n mam shiva

mam maya aka mam scorpy

with team BAC president


group pix of atue, inat & soe in one of the best gamesite ever

prayer before the game

ok umpisahan na

operation black viper

group ix w/ team atru, team inat n team bac

team atru community works


team atru w/ other member of ABBA w/ baguio city mayor peter rey bautista n participants of walk for a cause (stoke team of BGH)

thats all for the meantime wait for the next big game hosted by atru
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a.t.r.u. Historical Background
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