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 first aid for snake bites

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PostSubject: first aid for snake bites   first aid for snake bites Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:17 am

Frequently visiting people to wild areas, hike picnic, camps or snake-inhabited places are always in scope of and vulnerable to snake bites. The different snakes who cause poisonous bites are Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Water Moccasin, Coral snake, etc.

Various symptoms of poisonous snake bites.

The most common symptoms of snake bites which can occur to a person are:
1 bloody wound discharge
2 fang marks in the skin and swelling at the site of the bite
3 burning
4 fainting
5 dizziness
6 weakness
7 blurred vision
8 excessive sweating
9 fever
10 increased thirst
11 loss of muscle coordination
12 nausea and vomiting
13 rapid pulse

Snake bite first aid

Emergency assistance should be immediately called upon on the accident of a snake bite to a person. While waiting for the emergency assistance quick first aid should be provided to the victim. This is very crucial to combat casualty.
1 Assure the affected person of effective treatment in emergency room. Calm him down and restrict his movements. Keep the venom immobile and lower than the heart.
2 Immediately call for emergency medical help.
3 Keep constant monitor on the vital signs such as rate of breathing, temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
4 If there is a suction device available then it can be useful to draw out the venom without making cuts.

What not to do

Medical professionals may not agree on every point of what to do for snakebite first aid but they are almost unanimous in their opinions of what not to do. Some of them are:

1 Tourniquets should not be applied to affected area. This completely stops blood flow and can result in loss of limb.
2 No cold compressors or ice cubicles should be applied.
3 Never try to draw out venom through mouth.
4 No application of razor or knife should be on the wound.
5 Nothing should be given to the victim through mouth.

At last...

If you have been encountered with an accident of snake bite and have provided crucial first aid to the victim, so then complete the task by providing back up assistance like protecting incident materials, contacting relatives and describing first aid provided. Be sure and confident that all that can be done have been provided by you at first aid to control the venomous bite. The early most treatment is the most important treatment provided.

Discover why everyone needs first aid training at:
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first aid for snake bites
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